Technology to Save the Earth

Environmentalism is the IN thing nowadays. This is a good thing because the environment needs all the help it can get. The earth, and therefore its inhabitants, can no longer afford the abuse and neglect we humans have been subjecting it to. It is time that we step up and take active steps to slow down and even counter the degradation of our environment.

Technology and people hand-in-hand

As individuals we can take a lot of small steps to help the environment. Things like turning of appliances when not in use and recycling waste material. Realistically speaking though this is not enough to save the earth. Sure it will help slow down earth’s death but without technology’s help it is virtually impossible to REVERSE the negative effects we have already had. Technology has contributed to the destruction of the environment should now be used to save it. However, just like our small contributions is not enough to save the earth the existence of environmental-friendly technology isn’t enough to save it either. Truth be told technology has already yielded plenty of alternative equipment, processes, and materials that would benefit the environment. The problem now lies not in the lack of available technology but more in the actual implementation and use of the existing technology. Unless environmental-friendly technology is adapted by humans on a large scale then the technology will be useless. In short, technology and our individual efforts need to go hand-in-hand to save the environment.

Cool Eco-Friendly Technology

Just so you get an idea of the eco-friendly technology available today here are links to some of the latest and coolest technological advances I have found in the internet.

  • Energy efficient homes - Your home may not be energy efficient now but there are lots of ways you can make it more energy efficient. If you are planning to build a home in the near future you can even have one that has a passive solar design. Homepower Magazine is a site I love where you can find all the latest solar, wind, and hyrdoelectric powered devices to retrofit your home.
  • MacBook Air - The new MacBook is really cool not just because it is the thinnest notebook today but because it is also ecofriendly. Props to Apple for finally doing more than just giving a nod to the environment issue.
  • The EcoPower faucet - A faucet that not only saves water but also energy.
  • Hush Puppies Harmony Line - Even Hush Puppies has stepped up and come up with a new eco-friendly line - Harmony. I now have another reason for loving Hush Puppies.

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