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Magic Powder Makes Fingers Grow Back

Lee Spievak Finger RegenerationClaire Bennet of Heroes can no longer claim to be the only one with the ability to grow back a broken limb. Thanks to recent advancements in technology finger regeneration is now a reality. Re-growing severed fingertips is now possible without having to worry about the patient’s body rejecting the new finger. The even more amazing thing about the new technology used is that all that is needed is a sprinkle of the “magic powder” on the sliced off finger!

Mobile Devices

In this consumer-driven market two of the things that costumers always look for is convenience accessibility. People want to be able to get what they need whenever and wherever they happen to be. Technology’s answer to this demand are mobile devices. (more…)

Physics of the Impossible: Turning Fiction to Fact

Who hasn’t wondered whether some of the things we read in sci-fi books will eventually become a reality? I for one definitely am thrilled with all the leaps and bounds in technology that have turned some of the fiction into fact and might someday turn even the seemingly impossible fiction into a reality. (more…)

Technology to Save the Earth

Environmentalism is the IN thing nowadays. This is a good thing because the environment needs all the help it can get. The earth, and therefore its inhabitants, can no longer afford the abuse and neglect we humans have been subjecting it to. It is time that we step up and take active steps to slow down and even counter the degradation of our environment. (more…)

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TechnologyTechnology is simply defined as the application of science.